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07-17-2014 CTC Video Series: Yoga For Cancer Survivors
Morning Stretch with CT Challenge Yoga Guru Rita Trieger

07-02-2014 “The 5 Characteristics of Incredibly Resilient People”
…from Huffington Post. This is a must-read. Thank you Amy Nessel for bringing it to our attention so we could share it!

06-16-2014 Rush Hour?
In the bedlam of each day, take time to take back time...your mind and body will thank you.

06-09-2014 More Research on Importance of Exercise to Breast Cancer Survivors
This just in from UNC and the American Cancer Society....

05-19-2014 Why not isometric abdominals?
Center trainer Scott Capozza says these are a great way to engage your core muscles to build strength and endurance...


8/1/2014 TRX with Robyn Defonce

8/1/2014 CT Challenge Pilates
with Erica Mara

8/2/2014 Intermediate Indoor Cycling with Sara Beckert
Center for Survivorship

8/2/2014 Fit in 45 with Sara Beckert
Center for Survivorship

8/4/2014 Walking Group with David Tisdale
Center for Survivorship

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07-08-2014 Stat Bite Risk for Developing Pancreatic Cancer By Age and Gender in the United States (2005-2007)

07-08-2014 Proteins in Blood Reveal Pancreatic Tumors

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