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12-27-2016 Quick... How many hours did you spend exercising this year?
It's the time of year to look back and review - including peeking at your health and fitness habits.

12-20-2016 Five Good Reasons to Start Your Day with Exercise
by Linda T. Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CET

12-14-2016 Train Your Brain to Thrive
Great item from mindful.org. It's all about using mindfulness to "stay in the moment with razor focus"

12-06-2016 Research Shows Exercise and Plant-Based Diet Helps Cancer Patients
The research examines the results of both cardiovascular exercise as well as resistance training, such as weight lifting.

11-29-2016 The Exercise Cure
"The surprising science of a life changing workout." So says TIME magazine in a recent cover story


1/23/2017 Walking Group with David Tisdale
Center for Survivorship

1/23/2017 Relax and Restore Guided Meditation with Lisa Sheehan
Center for Survivorship

1/23/2017 Gentle Yoga with Alexis Agnew
Center for Surviovrship

1/23/2017 Introduction to Indoor Cycling with Joyce Quinlan
Center for Survivorship

1/24/2017 Viniyoga with Kathy Jamison
Center for Surviovrship

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01-05-2017 Grilled, Barbecued, and Smoked Meat Intake and Survival Following Breast Cancer

01-05-2017 Higher consumption of grilled, barbecued, and smoked meat linked to increased mortality risk among breast cancer survivors

12-31-2016 Role of RPL39 in Metaplastic Breast Cancer

12-31-2016 Weighing Risk of Cardiovascular Mortality Against Potential Benefit of Hormonal Therapy in Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

12-31-2016 Thinking Critically About Classifying Adverse Events: Incidence of Pancreatitis in Patients Treated With Nivolumab + Ipilimumab

12-31-2016 Disease Subtype'€"Independent Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Chemoprevention by the Ayurvedic Medicine Phytochemical Withaferin A

12-30-2016 Prognostic Value of BRAF  and  KRAS  Mutations in MSI and MSS Stage III Colon Cancer

12-30-2016 Obesity and the Transformation of Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance to Multiple Myeloma: A Population-Based Cohort Study

12-29-2016 Recommendations for Clinical Trial Development in Mantle Cell Lymphoma

12-29-2016 Recommendations for Clinical Trial Development in Follicular Lymphoma

12-25-2016 Risk Factors That Increase Risk of Estrogen Receptor'€"Positive and '€"Negative Breast Cancer

12-25-2016 Influence of Statins and Cholesterol on Mortality Among Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

12-02-2016 Kids Enter the MATCH

10-22-2016 Ultraviolet Radiation and Kaposi Sarcoma Incidence in a Nationwide US Cohort of HIV-Infected Men

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